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Communication Temptation Tasks for Late Talkers

Having a child who is considered to be a late talker can be difficult and confronting for us as parents. Sometimes there is a physical or cognitive issue that causes the delay, however, there are also a lot of children that have no underlying conditions but are late talkers. These children are usually around 18 […]

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Development of Speech Sounds for Six to Eight Year Olds

Over the last few weeks, I have gone over sounds expected at 3, 4 and 5 years of age and provided information on how they are said. By five years of age, most of the sounds of the Australian English language can be produced. If your child is having difficulty with any sounds at four […]

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Development of Speech Sounds for Four and Five Year Olds

While many of the sounds in the Australian English language are expected by three, there are still quite a few sounds expected from four to five years of age. By the age of four, your child should be saying all the sounds expected by three as well as L, SH and CH. By four and […]

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Speech Sounds for Three Year Olds

Many parents become concerned when their child’s speech is not clear at two years. While your child may be saying a lot of words and starting to speak in longer sentences at two, they are not always understood by you (their parents) and others around them. One of the reasons for this is that the first group of […]

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