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Development of Speech Sounds for Six to Eight Year Olds

Over the last few weeks, I have gone over sounds expected at 3, 4 and 5 years of age and provided information on how they are said. By five years of age, most of the sounds of the Australian English language can be produced. If your child is having difficulty with any sounds at four or five years of age, early intervention by a Speech Pathologist can help correct your child’s articulation.

At six years of age, your child should achieve the V sound.

By 8 years of age your child should achieve TH as in That and by 8 years 6 months TH as in Thing. As a quick side note for this sound, although this sound is not expected until much later, if your child is starting to learn to spell and write and cannot say the TH sound, it may affect how they spell words when sounding them out. This is why Speech Pathologists may work on this sound at an age younger than 8 years.

The V sound is produced by covering your bottom lip with your front teeth. It is a long sound and a “loud” sound.

The TH sounds are a pair, so will be described together. These sounds are produced by putting the tongue between the top and bottom teeth, so that both sets of teeth are lightly closing down on the tongue. The TH as in That is a short sound and a “loud” sound. The TH as in Thing is a long sound and a “quiet” sound.

Please feel free to ask any questions about achieving sounds and let me know how you are going if you are practising with your own children. You can also go to my Facebook Page to ask questions and get information about upcoming products, free resources and different areas of Speech Pathology.

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