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Hearing & General Information

Hearing & Listening Materials

pdf General Strategies to Help your child (45 KB)

pdf Hearing and Symptoms of Hearing Difficulties (43 KB)

pdf Ideas to Help with learning to listen (72 KB)

pdf Identify the At-Risk Child (63 KB)

pdf Language activities to target comprehension (62 KB)

pdf Language and Listening Comprehension for 4 year olds (51 KB)

pdf Language and Listening Comprehension for 5 year olds (55 KB)

pdf Listening and Auditory Awareness (67 KB)

pdf Otitis Media (51 KB)

pdf Strategies to help children listen (43 KB)

pdf Strategies to Target Listening (58 KB)

pdf Whole Body Listening Chart (214 KB)

Speech Therapy Pathology for Children

Ask a Speechie provides speech therapy for children experiencing difficulties in hearing and listening. Speech therapy assists with comprehension ie helping children with difficulty understanding questions, following instructions or understanding higher level processing (such as inferencing or problem solving).

Children with poor memory, listening skills, central auditory processing difficulties (CAPD) and/or attention spans may also have their comprehension affected by these things. Speech therapists can provide strategies to children to help them learn and understand better.

» Click here to contact us for more information about speech therapy pathology in Perth.

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