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Speech Pathology Books

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Naming Storybook

“Katie and Zac decide to go for a walk and see how many things they can label in the street and at home.” This book introduces the concept of naming and what things are called. This concept can then be practised through the games in the related workbook.

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Speech Therapy Books

Speech Therapy Books for Sale

We have a range of speech therapy books for sale focusing on different speech pathology areas. These speech therapy books can assist your child’s development at home.

The Let’s Talk Series is comprised of seven speech therapy books for children based on the areas of:

  • Same and Different
  • Describing
  • Groups
  • Colour, Shape and Size
  • What Things Do
  • What Things Go Together
  • Naming

These books feature colourful characters, including Maddie, Zac, Katie, Tom and their animal friends, to engage your child and let them have fun while they learn!

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