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About Our Speech Products and Resources

About Chatterbug Books and Resources and Ask A Speechie


Chatterbug Books and Resources is involved in the development of speech resources and products with a focus on children. The Speech Pathologists at Ask a Speechie have at least 9 years experience working with children in a variety of settings including private practice, education and disabilities. We are dedicated and focused on providing productive resources and products to help you and your child achieve your goals.

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What is a Speech Pathologist?

Speech Pathologists are specialty trained to assess and treat people of all ages with communication and swallowing difficulties.

Speech Therapy and Pathology Areas

The Speech Pathologists at Ask A Speehie specialise in the areas of language, articulation and literacy. These areas can be broken down into the following skills:

  • Comprehension– understanding written and spoken language.
  • Narrative Skills– the ability to tell, retell and write stories.
  • Semantics– knowledge of a vocabulary of words and the relationship between words.
  • Articulation or Speech Production– ability to speak clearly and produce words in a way that can be understood by others.
  • Stuttering Treatment– ability to speak fluently.
  • Grammar– how words combine to form sentences and the rules required to form them in a concise and clear manner.
  • Literacy skills including reading, writing and spelling.
  • Phonological Awareness skills – ability to identify, segment, blend, manipulate and understand individual sounds. 

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