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Speech Pathology Services

Speech Pathology Services Offered by Ask a Speechie

Speech Therapy Assessments

Assessments are targeted at the child’s age and covers all areas of language and literacy relevant to your child. Assessments last from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the child’s age.


Available to children up to 3 years old, kindergarten and pre-primary aged children : 30 minute assessment session
Available to kindergarten, pre-primary and school aged children from year 1: 60 minute assessment session.
Please note: The length of the assessment required for the kindergarten and pre-primary aged children will depend on the individual child.

Each assessment involves:

  • Forms being completed by parents and brought to initial assessment. These forms provide the speech pathologist with your child’s medical history, background information and any concerns you have about your child’s language or communication skills.
  • Assessment is then targeted at parental concerns and needs of the child.
  • A verbal summary is provided to parents directly following the assessment, to outline any concerns.
  • A formal report is forwarded following the assessment.
  • Assessments will need to be booked in advance.

Please note: Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or not being available at the required time will mean that you are returned to the bottom of the waiting list.


SPEECH ASSESSMENT SESSIONS: All assessments must be conducted in person

Short Initial Assessment = 30 minute session

Available to children up to 3 years old, kindergarten and pre-primary aged children. 

Long Initial Assessment = 60 minute session

Available to school aged children from year 1.

Short Review Assessment = 30 minute session

Available to : 3 year olds, kindergarten and pre-primary children. School aged children requiring a review of either a literacy OR a language skills

Long Review Assessment = 60 minute session

Available to school aged children from year 1, requiring a review of BOTH language and literacy skills.

» Speech pathology client information forms. Please bring these completed forms to your child’s initial assessment. 


Treatment sessions for weekly and fortnightly appointments:

 Speech Therapy Treatment Options

Treatment involves face to face sessions with a speech pathologist at the Ask A Speechie office at East Fremantle. Treatment appointment times are generally as follows:

Available to children up to 3 years old, kindergarten, pre-primary and low level year 1 students:
30 minutes.
Available to school aged children from year 1:  30 or 60 minute options are available.

Appointments are available weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Treatment sessions involve:

  • Compulsory assessment at Ask a Speechie completed prior to commencement of treatment.
  • There will be a preferred minimum number of 6 treatment sessions.
  • Please note, the main aim of these treatment sessions is to provide you with information and resources that will allow you to work with your child in their area of difficulty.


Creation of home or school programs
$75.00 (Inc. GST)

Written correspondence/communication to other professionals
$40.00 (Inc. GST)

Please Note: If school correspondence is requested by parents, e-mail is the preferred method of contact due to time constraints. There is no charge for this service.

Travel and attendance at meetings
$80.00 per hour


Appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time and unattended appointments without notice will incur a cancellation fee of $50.00

Appointments cancelled 24 hours or more prior to the appointment time will NOT incur a fee.

All prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change.


Private Health Fund Rebates

Health Fund rebates are available on all assessment and treatment sessions. The amount of rebate depends on the type and level of your private health cover. To determine rebate information, please contact your health fund directly.

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Programs

Medicare enables up to five sessions to be rebated per calendar year for those children eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care Program. Information sheets are provided on request. For more information please contact your GP or refer to


Online Access for Children’s Games and Resources (Coming Soon)

This section is made up of computer games that your child can play to increase their language skills. The games are targeted at areas of language. Including:

  • Grouping
  • Functions
  • Associations
  • Attributes
  • Same and Different
  • Labelling
  • Describing
  • Sequencing
  • Story Telling
  • Understanding or Comprehension
  • Sound skills (pre-skills for reading and spelling)
  • Reading and Spelling skills
  • Grammar

DISCLAIMER: Please note, while these games are an excellent tool for adding to your child’s skills, if your child is having difficulty in any of the above areas, it is recommended that you see a speech pathologist for an assessment (and possibly treatment).

Children’s Section (also available to parents) – Initial Offer $15 per month.


There is a parent section included in the website. This section provides access to:

  • Up-to-date information about different speech areas.
  • Developmental Norms – that is where a child should be in relation to their skill levels, depending on their age.
  • Strategies to help your child work on a speech area that may be difficult to them.
  • Online chat room – to talk with other parents and share ideas. A speech pathologist will also be available at certain times to ask questions and share information.

View the parent section for more information about speech therapy for children.

» Click here to contact us for more information about speech therapy for children in Perth.


Ask a Speechie is affiliated with Chatterbug Books and Resources, a business aimed at providing fun, quality games, books and activities to help your child achieve skills. All games, books and activities are designed by Speech Pathologists.

» Click Here to go to our speech therapy resources section

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